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Highlander Games Results:


Ages 5 to 7:

1st Blane Storie age 7

2nd Aubree Freeman age 7

3rdCole Snider age 6

Ages 8 to 10:

1st Brody Johnson age 10

2nd Kaydence Mackin age 9

3rd Josh Abbott 10

Ages 11 to 12

1st Danner Mathews age 11

2nd Jaron Storie age 11

3rd Isaac Cruz age 12


13 - 15 yrs Right

1st Jesse Mejia
2nd Kaylin Eggers

Womens Right 0-140

1st Salena Estrella Mejia
2nd Haya Salamen

Novice Left 0-165

1st Aaron Young
2nd Daniel Pusiz
3rd Anton Maldonado

Novice Right 0-165

1st Tyler Lopez
2nd Aaron Young
3rd Anton Maldonado

Novice Left 166-205

1st Jess Klassen
2nd Davin Tucker

Novice Right 166-205

1st Bryce Hinden
2nd Shawn Caldwell
3rd Lenin Alvorenga

Novice Left 205+

1st Ben Coburn
2nd Steve Gutenburger
3rd Shawn Snider

Novice Right 206+

1st Shane Dunklee
2nd Ben Coburn
3rd Pat Burke

Open Left 0-165

1st Jeff Benson
2nd Brian Storie
3rd Aaron Young

Open Right 0-165

1st Brian Storie
2nd Jeff Benson
3rd Tyler Lopez

166-185 Right or Left
No Entries

Open Left 186-205

1st Nano Cruz
2nd Mark Owen
3rd Jim Royal

Open Right 186-205

1st Nano Cruz
2nd Mark Owen
3rd Kyle Darby

Open Left 206-235

1st Jacob Abbott
2nd Jodi Williams
3rd David Mackin

Open Right 206-235

1st Jacob Abbott
2nd David Mackin
3rd Ernest Stranz

Open Left 236+

1st Devin Mackin
2nd Ryan Lantz
3rd David Mackin
4th Shawn Snider

Open Right 236+

1st Devin Mackin
2nd David Mackin
3rd Tom Fadness
4th Shawn Snider

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